Fresh Basket

Our Fruit

Only the most succulent, crips but juicy grapes are sourced from the Orange River valley just for you. We are proud to be first to market grape suppliers.  

Citrus is something that grows exceptionally well in Southern Africa – with the sweet and tangy flavours these fruits are ideal to fend off the winter blues. 

Everyone loves a beautiful watermelon, but we have better – a watermelon with all the flavour, juices and colour, but without the pips. These are dreamy! 

Our Vegetables

Cucumbers sourced from various places in Southern Africa but always in the perfect crisp, fresh state. 

Beetroots, with oodles of crimson colour, sourced from local farmers. 

Lettuces in only the best condition – crunchy, crispy and delicately flavour filled. 

Only the most beautiful tomatoes are sourced straight from the farmers.

Butternuts sourced from the perfect micro-climates are not to be missed. These fruits are loaded with goodness. 

Red, yellow and green peppers just for you! These beauties are always an incredible addition to a meal.

Our Sustainable Efforts

GrowGreen is our stamp of approval. We have created a logo that will be on any fresh produce which encapsulates future thinking, protecting our earth and inline without Naturesmart values. These include: 

– Sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices

– Optimal packing when using logistic partners to minimise the carbon footprint incurred while transporting

– Minimises the use of single-use plastic in the final packaging

– Use technology to streamline, enhance and reduce the impact on our environment

– Supporting farmers with the same values as ours

Our Timelines

January Grapes | Butternut | Watermelon
First to market - Grapes from Namibia

these beautiful grapes epitomise the sweet, tart, crunchy grapes that we remember from childhood. 

February Extra Label
Watermelon | Grapes | Tomatoes

We not only have these gorgeous watermelons but we also now have seedless watermelon - all the flavour, half the admin. 

March Grapes | Tomatoes
Beautiful Tomatoes

These beautiful fruits will add delight to any summer salad - adding the joy to the end of summer feels. 

April Tomatoes | Butternuts | Peppers
Bringing in some Spice

Red, yellow and green peppers for the win! Delightful in all dishes! 

May Butternuts | Peppers
Autumnal Feels

Time for warmer foods as the body starts craving something more hearty and nutritious. 

June Butternuts
Ready for that first stew

Butternuts are a staple for any stew, soup or winter side. You can't go wrong. 

July Butternut | Citrus
Winter Feels

Time to fend off that winter flu along with the other rouge viruses. Stock up on your nutritionally dense fruits and veg to ensure you are strong enough to handle what comes your way. 

August Butternut | Citrus

Mother Nature has this way of ensuring your bodies needs are covered by her at the corner of each seasons. Don't miss out on winter's good stuff. 

September Lettuce | Butternut
Spring Salads

As spring approaches we have ensured that you have what you need to have that beautiful first of the season crunchy salad. 

October Salad Basket

Beautiful flavours, colours and nutrient dense produce ready for you. 

November Butternut | Tomatoes | Lettuce
Fresh Produce

Gorgeous produce - adding the freshest to fresh produce. 

December Lettuce | Salad | Grapes | tomatoes
Summer Loving

Summer loving with all the best fresh produce.