NatureSMART, together with Food for Mzanzi, inspires 300 SMART learners!

We took part in an incredible event hosted by Food for Mzansi in Ceres, which aimed to educate 300 Western Cape learners about the world of Agriculture and the opportunities associated with this industry.

Our CEO Nico van der Merwe took to the stage to advise the learners about the importance of tertiary education after school:

“What I learnt from my tertiary education while transitioning to the adult phases, was discipline and problem-solving – these two are extremely, extremely important if you want to make a success in your life.”

In the context of what to study, Nico laughs about how he studied winemaking but never made wine. But he reiterates to the learners: 

“Don’t underestimate what the transition phase (between school and adulthood) tertiary education brings to the table.” 

He explains that regardless of what you study, it is very important that you learn how to solve problems in the value chain,then you will be needed and relevant.

“The thing about business is you need to focus on being relevant, and if you lose your relevance, it means you lose your unique selling point. So, this should be the focus always and to make a difference.”

The roles available in the value chain in the agricultural industry are broadly classified into two sections: line function and staff function. The line functions generate income, and the staff functions support the line functions, Nico explained.

Naturesmart prides itself in being involved with communities, adding value in the value chain and within the communities around us and making a difference in whichever way we can. Through our involvement with the Food for Mzansi event, we hope we have inspired numerous young adults to pursue a career in the agricultural industry. Read more here: